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September 23

23 SEP – “The Sentence of Death in Ourselves”

“Yea, we ourselves have had the sentence of death within ourselves that we should not trust in ourselves but in God, which raiseth the dead…. Always bearing about in the body the deadness of Jesus that the Life also of Jesus may be manifest in our mortal body…” 2 Corinthians 1:9, 4:10

“The sentence of death in ourselves” – that is the very basis of everything in real spiritual fruitfulness and effectiveness.

If you take up the Holy Spirit’s teaching in the New Testament, you will find that this has become the foundational principle of all Divine activities and operations: the sentence of death passed upon us and registered in us and working out in us, and all the time another thing doing the work of God, triumphing over this sentence of death in us, this other thing which is in us, working through us, giving us ascendancy over death in Christ, so that the wonderful things of God are manifest by us when there is no accountableness for them in us. The Lord has swept away with one stroke the whole basis of our trust in ourselves – has wiped out forever any hope in ourselves – not to destroy us, not to make everything impossible, but THAT He who raiseth the dead might show the mighty works by this Resurrection Life which is fruitful in us.

This is the principle all the way through the Word, that on the ground of a Life wrought in us through the cross by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, God is able to achieve and accomplish His supreme purpose. But in order to do it, the sentence of death must be planted right at the center of our old life to rule it out, so that where we despair of life in ourselves and have no trust in ourselves, we know we cannot of ourselves accomplish anything, there is the mighty Life of God for everything – that is, “Christ in you,” the Life of God, the hope of glory.

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