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July 10

10 JUL – Only Spiritual Values Must Concern Us

Well now, what weighs with me most? Where am I living? Is it on this wretched, earthly ground of people and things down here, or is it on the ground of Christ? Is it spiritual life and spiritual values that matter? If we can get up there and say truly, ‘It does not matter one little bit to me how a thing affects me personally’; the question is how much of the Lord is there in this? How much can there be for Him? I am not influenced by people’s relationships down here; I take the higher ground of the heavenlies and meet them, not as this, that, or something else according to earthly designation, but I meet them on the ground of Christ, the one new man. On that level there is nothing to impede spiritual enlargement.

Spiritual measure is not a matter of anything here, even for the Lord – its success, its support, its maintenance – but just how much it is answering to the full thought of God in a spiritual way. That is what counts, and that is heavenly ground. We know so well that if people are more concerned with the maintenance of something for the Lord on this earth – keeping it going, building it up, making it successful – they are in a realm of spiritual limitation, and not until they are completely lifted out of such considerations with the one question, ‘How far is this answering to the Lord’s fully-revealed mind?’, and are governed by that alone, can there be real progress and spiritual enlargement. Is it not true? And it is impressive that people who are really tied up with some thing, some organization, some piece of work, some society, some mission, some institution, even though it be for God in all sincerity, if that is their horizon, if that constitutes their world, they are limited spiritually. They go just so far spiritually and no farther. They are bound by their own earthly fences, the fences of that particular thing. Get away from things, out to the vast range of God’s eternal, timeless purpose, and you find all fences are down and spiritual enlargement takes place. It is the only way.

So we come back. What is the Lord after? Not just good things for Himself, however good; He is after nothing less than that great summing up of all things in Christ (Eph. 1:10).

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