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June 24

24 JUN – What Are You Abiding In?

“Abide in Me”! When Jesus said that, He was getting right back behind everything to the great eternal factor, and in those simple words He was taking up the one thing for which He came into this world. It is the question with which the whole Bible is occupied from beginning to end, and the one question which comprehends everything that Jesus came to answer. The question: In God or outside of God? That sounds very simple, but it comprehends all the ages. It is the question of all time and eternity.

Do you see something of what the Lord Jesus meant when He said “Abide in me”? ‘Outside of Me it is just a wilderness. There is no fruit there. If you abide in Me you bring forth much fruit’… “Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit” (John 15:8). God’s satisfaction is the one great thing through all the Bible. His satisfaction is now in His Son, and if we abide in Christ we abide in God’s good pleasure and shall bring forth much fruit. If we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us as we are supposed to have we shall know in our hearts whether we are out of fellowship with the Lord or whether we are abiding in the Lord and we shall know because we shall feel that we are in the wilderness when we are out, and that we are in the garden when we are in. Jesus was very emphatic about this. He knew what a tremendous thing it was and so, eleven times in a short chapter, He said “Abide… abide… abide in Me.”

May the Lord keep us abiding in Christ! All other things will prove to be false and only what is true will stand us in good stead to the end. “I am the true vine… Abide in Me”.

That is only one way of saying: ‘We must know the Lord and our place in the Lord’. What are you abiding in? Are you abiding in people? Are you abiding in conferences? Are you abiding in a religious system? Well, all these things will pass, and the time will be when there will not be any more conferences and when you will not be able to depend upon any people. The whole religious system will disappoint you, but if you know and abide in the Lord Jesus, it will be all right to the end.

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