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June 3

3 JUN – Only What God Does Himself Is God’s Service

There is so much and there are so many ways which claim to be “God’s service” and “mighty works in the Name of Jesus.” Thank God, however, that we have not to judge and decide what is and what is not true service to God. It is given to us, nevertheless, to recognize and emphasize basic principles by which all who claim to serve Him must judge themselves in this matter.

Now, of this service there must never be a judging after the seeing of the eyes or the hearing of the ear! This is a matter into which the senses cannot come without the peril of deceiving and misleading the whole life. The service of God like every other thing in relation to Him is essentially an unmixed spiritual thing.

There are two things at least which are basically wrong and inevitably disastrous from the standpoint of true spiritual value: one is the regarding of the work of God as a set system, just as any commercial, industrial, or professional system is a vocation or calling (So much is heard about “entering the ministry,” “taking up Christian work,” “becoming a missionary,” etc. and this as static, organized, systematized); the other is going into service on the basis of an external appeal to the senses, the intellect, the emotions, the volition, by reason of a presentation to the ears or the eyes.

Without seeming to judge of this ourselves, let us state a further principle or two or re-emphasize in definite form: all-inclusively, only what God does Himself is God’s service! This is basic to the entire revelation of the purposes of God in the whole Scriptures.

The Lord Jesus is most insistent upon this Himself: “The Son can do nothing of Himself.”

“The Father doeth the works.” “The Father speaketh the words.” “My Father worketh until now.”

“It is not you that speak, but the Spirit of your Father who speaketh in you.”

This principle was well recognized by the Apostles. In fact, it is the primary object of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit: “The Holy Ghost said….” “The Spirit suffered them not.”

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