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May 16

16 MAY – Not By ‘Our’ Might or ‘Our’ Power

Although we accept the fact of Christ’s eternal sonship, we are told that as Son of man He was enabled to glorify the Father by means of the anointing Spirit. From the beginning of His public testimony to its completion He offered Himself to God through the eternal Spirit. As representative Man, He lived and suffered for the one purpose of glorifying God, and so perfectly fulfilled this task that in Him the testimony to the glory of God has been secured forever. So, then, our fears and sense of weakness must not cripple us, for He has sent His Spirit into our lives so that in us, too, the testimony might be maintained and the glory seen. We can claim the promise, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit”.

This also gives us the answer to the interrogation, “Who hath despised the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10). Out of the large numbers who went into exile, just forty-two thousand odd were ready to pay the price of letting go the comforts and security of life in Babylon to return to the land where God’s testimony could be established. They were small in number, weak in themselves, despised by their neighbors, and they returned to a land which was desolate, impoverished and afflicted, so that it was indeed a ‘day of small things’. But they were not to be despised, for God was backing them up as they truly sought His glory. It is no small thing to be involved in the testimony of God’s glory.

God has always been obliged to strip His instruments of their own glory. A Moses, full of Egypt’s sufficiency, must go for forty years to the backside of the desert to be emptied out and made to confess his complete inadequacy before he can become an instrument for the display of the glory of God. There were times when some of the Israelites did try to despise this now humble Moses, and he made no attempt to stand up for himself, but God soon made it manifest to all concerned how wrong it was to despise him. The glory of God appeared at the gate of the tabernacle and took up the challenge. Sometimes it takes the Lord years to get us sufficiently emptied, weak and small, so that we can bear His glory in our lives, a fact which may well explain some of His dealings with us. When He has got us small enough and empty enough, then there is a chance for the working of His Spirit in glory.

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