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March 11

11 MAR – What Wilt Thou Have Me Do, Lord?

This represents a new position and a new relationship with Christ. How very different from that of the old Saul! Hitherto his life and activity had been out from himself ― what he thought he would do, what he proposed, purposed, planned, determined, and desired. Self-determination had been his way of life, although he would have said that it was done in a good cause ― even done for God. What an example Saul was of the fact that a man’s very best intentions and devotions, in what he believes to be God’s interests, may yet be doing God the greatest disservice and he himself be totally blind to the fact.

We see here, then, that one thing is a clear evidence of a life truly acceptable to God; it is the absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ. Paul first used that word, “Lord”, at his conversion; it came out spontaneously when he realized that Jesus lives! From that moment Jesus was his Lord, his Master. We know from his life afterward how utter was that surrender and change of government. Everything from that hour was on the basis of “What wilt Thou?”

Yes, it is the hall-mark of a true Christian life when, with the same inward realization and abandonment, we say to Jesus, “Lord”, and thenceforth have our whole lives governed by Him as Master.

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