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March 9

9 MAR – Has God Moved Into You?

To become a Christian is not to become a part of a new movement.

It is true that there is a sense in which Christianity is a movement, a Divine movement from Heaven. But there are very many who perceive Christianity in terms of a great enterprise for world betterment or even evangelization. The appeal is so often made that people will come and associate themselves with this great ‘work’. There is that in most people which makes a response to such an appeal, and would like to be in a great movement. But such a way of approach is to court trouble, or at least to be found sooner or later in a false position. Moses got the ‘movement’ idea in Egypt and then had forty years’ inaction in the desert.

There is that which comes before the ‘movement’, and the movement is with God, not with us. The greatest value in movement, when God’s time comes for it, often is that we have learned not to move without Him.

We do not appeal to you to join a movement. We do not invite youth by saying, ‘Here is something into which you can throw all your natural powers and youthful enthusiasm!’ We would say: ‘God has a purpose: you are of concern to Him in relation to that purpose. But you cannot even know or enter into that purpose until something has happened in you which has made you another person.” In that purpose you will need much more than natural powers and youthful enthusiasm.

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