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March 6

6 MAR – Attaining to the Fullness of Christ

What, then, is the fullness of Christ? It is simply the continuous enlargement and ultimate finality of these very things. The continuous growth of life, the freshness, the dynamic force of God within the life …this motive, power, this Divine nature, which is in His life should never, never come to a standstill. It is intended, according to the eternal purpose, to grow and grow and grow more and more. More life! Let us take this earnestly to heart. To receive eternal life may be a gift once and for all, but if you are at the beginning you have yet to discover how wonderfully full that life is, and how that life can become more and more abundant as you go on. The longer we as Christians live, the more should we be characterized by this mighty life of Christ – “the power of his resurrection” it is called. And the fullness of Christ is the progressive enlargement and development and sum of those very things which came to us, and into which we came at the beginning. And if we attain unto fullness, which we shall never do here in this life, but we shall ultimately move right into the fullness, it will be the universality of all those things.

Now you can see how vast Christ is, and how vast the Christian life must be. The Scripture speaks of Christ ‘filling all things’ “that he might fill all things” (Eph. 4:10). How is Christ going to ‘fill all things’? It just means that, when that comes about, all things, and it is a vast, an infinite ‘all’, will be full of His life, full of His light, full of His liberty, full of His love, and there will be nothing else. All that Christ is will be expressed in the whole creation. That is the purpose of the Christian life, and we have failed of the purpose if that is not true, in a progressive way, now. If it is not true that those things are increasing in us, we have missed the very object of the Christian life. Yes, if there is not more love, and still more love, and yet again more love – and life, and light, and liberty – the very purpose of the Christian life has been missed.

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