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February 17

17 FEB – An Inward Knowledge of the Lord

There is an appalling state of things amongst the Lord’s people today. So many of them have their life almost entirely in that which is external to themselves ― in their counsel and guidance, their sustenance and support, their knowledge, and their means of grace. Personal, inward and spiritual intelligence is a very rare thing. No wonder that the enemy has such a successful line in delusions, counterfeits, and false representations! Our greatest safeguard against such will be a deep knowledge of the Lord through discipline.

Immediately it is things for which we reach out; e.g. experiences, sensations, “proofs”, manifestations, and so on, and we become exposed in a perilous realm where Satan can give a false conversion, a false ‘baptism of the Spirit’, a false evidence and guidance such as is found in spiritism. Then, with the withdrawing of those, he immediately suggests the unpardonable sin. If this suggestion be accepted, the value of the Scriptures and of the Blood is annulled, and the assurance of those involved is lost, and it may, after all, be all a lie.

To know the Lord in a real way means steadfastness when others are being carried away ― steadfastness through times of fiery trial. Those who know the Lord do not put forth their own hand and try to bring things about. Such are full of love and patience, and do not lose their poise when everything seems to be going to pieces. Confidence is an essential and inevitable fruit of this knowledge, and in those who know Him, there is a quiet restful strength which speaks of a great depth of life.

Every fresh uprising of an abnormal condition has disclosed the appalling weakness amongst Christian people because of this lack. Waves of error; the swing of the pendulum to some fresh popular acceptance; a great war with its horrors and many-sided tests of faith; all these have swept away multitudes and left them in spiritual ruin.

These things are ever near at hand, and we have written this message to urge upon the Lord’s people to have very definite dealings with Him that He will take every measure with them in order that they might know Him.

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