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February 14

14 FEB – The Power of Dying (2)

Make me a captive, Lord, and then I shall be free.

The whole of Isaiah 53 is a wonderful exposition of this truth. Here is the suffering Servant of Jehovah. By His own consent He is taken into a many-sided captivity. He has emptied Himself to become obedient to the death of the Cross. He has surrendered His divine rights, and has made Himself of no reputation, but is allowing Himself to be the plaything of all evil forces, in order that going down under them on the human side, He might tear them asunder and rise in transcendent victory over them, far above all principalities and powers.

The Cross is a picture of captivity on the human side. “He saved others, Himself He cannot save.” “Cannot” is the ruling word of the Adamic race, but the Cross is the instrument or means by which the complete emancipation is wrought by Christ for Himself as the representative and inclusive Person of the new race.

When the Cross has done its work there is liberation from all human limitations, and Christ breaks forth from the grave in a way which gives Him the mastery of the whole situation. Those who have been identified with Him in His death are raised by Him to a life on a supernatural level, and through them He achieves such things as were before utterly impossible. There is no human explanation of the accomplishments of Christ through the ages since Calvary. The human side has been totally inadequate. This is true intellectually, socially, physically, constitutionally in the case of by far the greater number of those who have been used in these transcendent achievements.

They have been the transmitters to the world of things which “Eye saw not, ear heard not, things which entered not into the heart of man,” but which God revealed to them by His Spirit. The work done, the range covered, and the undying nature of their services has been in every way utterly out of proportion to the human resources. Not only so, but everything that the devil could utilize, stir up, and rally to their undoing and defeat has only borne out the fact of the supernatural and limitless nature of the work.

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