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February 9

9 FEB – People That Know Their God

It is a knowledge of God in His power as Sovereign, in His executive authority, in His supremacy that is necessary. But the knowledge goes deeper than that; it is not merely knowing God as Sovereign, it is knowing God in that way that releases that sovereignty and causes it to function through the people that so know Him. It is knowing God in a vital relationship and union and oneness which makes the exercise and execution of the power possible in this world through such as possess this knowledge. God is on the Throne, and He has all power and all the resources necessary for dealing with the world situation, but He has so chosen and ordained that the exercise and the demonstration of His fullness of power and might and glory should be through those who have been brought into a vital union with Him on the basis of a personal knowledge of Him in His fullness.

Let us remember that the knowledge of God is by revelation. We can never get any knowledge of God merely by reading, by listening, by attending meetings. If this knowledge is not given to you by the Holy Spirit’s working it into your very being and making it a part of you in a personal revelation and an inward birth, then you may hear all the truth possible and it will prove ineffective. How many of you who know this thing as a theory, a teaching from A to Z, are really the media of that transcendent power of God for the working of it out?

You may understand it all by mental apprehension, know the terms and the verses, and use them, but what about the dynamic of this thing? What does our personal presence in a situation mean? Does it mean that there is the going out of a power which cannot be accounted for on any human basis whatever, but which is a greater force than the forces that are represented by world organizations, world methods, world resources? It is a most important question. Is this thing alive, or have we merely got a little more mental apprehension of it through conferences? Do we know God in this thing by reason of a personal inward revelation on the subject? Paul makes a point of this. “It pleased the Lord to reveal His Son in me” “By revelation, not from man.”  ‘I went not up to Jerusalem to consult the Apostles, I went into Arabia, and this thing was wrought out in me.’

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