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February 6

6 FEB – God Brings the Cross against Man’s Wisdom

When anything becomes governed by human wisdom, by the mind of men, when it is brought into bondage of the ‘scribes’, the Lord has always brought in the Cross against that. In Israel, the Cross has been introduced over against that situation where the scribes and the rulers of Israel gave to Divine things their own human interpretation, imposed upon the things of God their own mind; created this great and intolerable burden to which Christ referred simply as the mind of man imposed upon Divine things. And it always means bondage. The Lord is not going to allow that. And so He reacts again, and there comes an impasse. And what is the nature of this new crisis? Absolute bewilderment: a situation where you do not know what to do, where to look, in what direction to move, how the situation can be resolved. It is altogether beyond human wisdom. It is an impasse of confounding, confusion, and despair. What can we do? What shall we do? How is this situation to be met? There is defeat at every effort.

The Lord has got to rescue us out into the realm of Divine revelation from any merely human or mental holding of Divine things. It is a tremendous thing that the Lord must have this realm where He is perfectly free, if He wants to, to give new light that may seem to upset all our interpretations ― all the mental power of the scribes and the Pharisees, to upset the whole thing.

That is what we find in the Book of Acts. Here is Peter, a representative of Israel; here is Paul, one of those interpreters of the law, who held everything within the limit of their own minds, and said, Our word is final! Our interpretation is the authority! You have to bow to it! What is the Lord doing with men like Peter and Paul, and others in that book? He is bringing them up against situations where, if God does not now come in with some new light and some new revelation, they are at a standstill. He was taking them altogether beyond their best traditions, their strongest convictions, and their settled interpretations, and was making them see more than they, with all their learning and knowledge, had realized it meant.

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