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February 3

3 FEB – The Key to Fullness in the Son Lies in the Body

To come to full-growth and to the full knowledge of the Son, we have got to come to the place where the body (of Christ) is a reality, not just a doctrine or a truth. So often when we speak about this matter of the Body of Christ ― the Church, the Body of Christ ― the rejoinder from many is: of course! We take it for granted, all believers are one Body, they are all members of Christ and we are all one Body! Yes, that is the fact, the truth; but what about the practical working of it in a spiritual way? That is something different and something more. It is a strange thing the people who hold that can still without any question go on in schisms and divisions and all kinds of distinctions here on this earth among Christians. They can be cut up into a thousand denominators and this truth of the Body is not a working thing which simply rules out all that, refuses all ground of schism, division, and every kind of human department amongst Christians. It does not effect that with so many.

Well, you say, does it matter? Look at the Church, look at the Lord’s children today. What about the full knowledge of the Son of God? What about this growth to the fullness of Christ? Oh, there is an appalling and tragic ignorance among the majority of the Lord’s people of the Lord Himself. The ignorance is awful and the result is that the spiritual power is very small indeed. It does matter to our coming to the full knowledge of the Son of God; it does matter to our growth up into Him, to the attaining of the fullness of Christ, the full stature of Christ. It does matter whether the truth of the Body is a practical thing, not just theoretical. You have got to come to the place where you forsake all ground that is other than the ground of the absolute and working spiritual oneness of the Lord’s people. To occupy such ground means limitation and loss, as the history of the church proves, and as all the activity of the enemy demonstrates. To divide the Lord’s people is to weaken and limit them. To bring the Lord’s people in spiritual oneness is to build them up and make them a force with which the enemy has to reckon.

The Lord says, I am in My Body, I will meet you in My Body! That is a spiritual law.

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