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February 1

1 FEB – The Place of our Spiritual Knowledge

There is a place necessary in order to have true spiritual knowledge. For instance, the light of the purpose of God was only disclosed to Abraham when he came into the land, not when he was in Mesopotamia. God told him to get out of Mesopotamia, and it was not until he came into the land that God disclosed to him His purpose. It was necessary to be in a certain place before he got the knowledge.

The light of God and of the name of God was not disclosed to Jacob when he was in Paran (Gen. 21:21), not when he was in the foreign country, but when he was there on the spot at Bethel. He did not get the light of God, of the Name of God, until he had got to that place.

The light as to the Divine dwelling in the tabernacle was never given to Israel in Egypt but waited until they got to the place where the tabernacle was to be in the wilderness.

A place was necessary in order to have the knowledge and the Old Testament is just full of that. You know that place names in the Old Testament are always typical. You know how much is bound up with Gilgal. You have to come to Gilgal in order to have a certain kind of spiritual knowledge — Bethel, Hebron — and so you go on, and the Lord fixed places in the Old Testament for the revelation of Himself. “Where I put My name” (Ex. 20:24), if you come there you will know Me. You will not know Me out there somewhere else; you have to come to the place I have appointed; there I will meet you! That is the type.

In the New Testament, in the spiritual side of this, of course it is not geographical places; it is not a certain local gathering. It is not geographical spots or places, but it is a spiritual place that you have to come to before you get the knowledge. Well now, that opens a wide, large field, but in a nutshell, the place of spiritual knowledge has to do with our coming to the full knowledge of the Son of God, to the full-grown man.

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