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January 29

29 JAN – God’s Inclusive and Supreme Object

Christianity has many aspects and Christian people are occupied with those various aspects such as evangelism, teaching, building up of believers, or contending for the faith. There are movements entirely devoted to the study of prophetical matters related to the coming again of Christ, and so on. All these are right. But they can, and often do, become things in themselves and, while being so good and right, have the effect of dividing Christians into sections, circling round some interpretation or some teaching or some specific object. The inclusive and supreme object of God, in and through and over all, is thereby very often lost sight of.

What is God’s inclusive object and purpose? It is to build His house. God does not commit Himself wholly or exclusively to any one part of His purpose; He only commits Himself wholly to the all of His intention. God commits Himself wholly to one thing only ― the building of His house.

The inclusive object of God is inherent in the few simple words from the sixth chapter of the book of Ezra: “Let the house be builded” (Ezra 6:3). That is God’s all-inclusive object.

Ezra traced this decree back through and beyond the instrument, the ruler (Cyrus) who made it. He traced it back to God. He recognized that this decree, while made by an earthly ruler, originated with God (v. 22). Ezra said: ‘God put it into the heart of the king.’ (Ezra 7:27) This came from God. And, having shown that it originated with God, he shows how God, in sovereign ways, committed Himself to it. God instigated this; God supported this; and, in spite of numerous and great difficulties, God consummated this.

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