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January 7

7 JAN – Ministry Cannot Be ‘Joined’ or ‘Taken Up’

A true ministry will be the outcome of His very deep and drastic dealings with us. It is not something studied and worked out mentally. We shall never be off the wheel as a vessel finished, but somehow the Lord will combine the molding and the using. Surely this is as it should be.

“The Lord’s messenger in the Lord’s message” contains the vital principle that the instrument should never be in advance of its spiritual history. Even prophets who spoke of things to come, and of many things the meaning of which was not fully clear to them, were made to have their ministry inwrought by practical experience. But the drastic handling is ever unto increase and progress.

Such a ministry cannot be “taken up,” or adopted. We cannot go into it as we go into any other kind of work, by technical or intellectual training or instruction. Indeed, it is something from which to shrink naturally, as did Moses, Jeremiah, and others. It is helpful and interesting or enlightening to see that, when the Lord spoke through Jeremiah to Israel about the potter’s house, and the potter, and then Himself took the place of the potter, the molding, shaping, correcting, adjusting, purging, unto usefulness was by means of the assaults and inflicting of enemy activity. There was a connection between the Potter’s hands and a foreign ruler’s opposition and besieging. So for fuller usefulness the Lord uses the enemy and his work, and we are not for long free from this pressure.

These, then, are the main things to which we are called and committed. “Here we stand, we can do no other; God help us.”

The Lord give you all a heart to “follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth,” and to reach unto His fullness.

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