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January 6

6 JAN – The Majority Cannot Go This WayDay by Day Jan 6

Many may agree with much that we have written, but they will react to it by saying that it is “idealistic”; it is too high; as things are now it is not possible; we cannot hope for such a recovery. Well, there is one answer to that attitude. The Bible has always recognized and provided for a position like that. It was but a small number of the captive nation of Israel who returned voluntarily to rebuild the city, the wall, the house at Jerusalem, and the word which governed and characterized them was, “Whoso is of a willing heart, his God be with him”.

In the Book of the Revelation it is clear that the majority had left the full thought of the Lord. The appeal there is to those within who have “an ear to hear”. We find them called “Overcomers,” and this clearly relates to the decadent conditions; a reaction to the Lord’s full and original thought. It is hardly to be expected that all Christians will respond to the appeal and standard, but it is clear that they can; the Lord wills it, and what He wills is not out of the question. It may be a costly way; and the cost will be mainly acute because of the attitude of other Christians.

Hence, we realize that a true ministry will sift the Lord’s people, and only those who really mean business with God and to “go on to full growth” will have a place for it. Our message is therefore one which will affect the “Overcomers,” although we do not regard them as an elect of the elect, a select spiritual aristocracy. They will have a place of special honour because in them the Lord will have that upon which His heart has been set from the beginning. The difference will be that which is seen ultimately between Joseph and his brethren.

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