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January 1

1 JAN – The Eternal Will and Purpose of God

In outlining and devising His intentions to create and constitute “all things” “in the heavens and upon the earth” (Eph. 1:10), God was moved and governed by a specific and definite purpose. This “Purpose” is mentioned a number of times in the New Testament, and various things are shown to be related to it. It is most important that we recognize that, however many phases there may be in Divine activity, the purpose of God is one. Nothing is an end in itself. The first law of spiritual fullness is to apprehend the fact and nature of God’s all-governing purpose. It is an impressive and painful fact that there is very, very little of what is associated here with the Lord that is really marked by spiritual fullness. Smallness, weakness, limitation, poverty, defeat, ignorance, immaturity, and disappointment characterize so many of the Lord’s people, and so much of the Lord’s work. This is one of the things that is causing so much distress, inquiry, and effort in some quarters.

To be in the way of fullness it is essential that, in the first place, we recognize and realize that God is not just a Busybody in a large number of good and merciful activities, but that He is wholly occupied with one all-inclusive, and all-related purpose! “…Who worketh ALL THINGS after the counsel of His own will.” The measure of ultimate SPIRITUAL attainment and accomplishment will be according to our initial apprehension of a single purpose. When that is established, we shall soon move on to see what the purpose is, and how and by what means it will be realized.

If a master-man has a single purpose to which he has abandoned himself, he will require that all who work for him are not just doing various things, however good they may be, even as parts of his whole work, but that they are seeing beyond their own job and part to the whole end and object, and are working positively to that. He will be favorable to any who come to work for him and to any means employed, only in so far as the full purpose is in the Son.

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