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December 31

31 DEC – The Divine Order in Christ

In the light of the situation in the world, and in the Church, and churches, I have been very greatly exercised about one thing. I have put it aside as being too difficult, but I am compelled to face it. It is concerning Divine order. Of all the ways in which Christ is to be known unto life and unto growth, there is one way in the Word of God which, we might be tempted to say, is supremely important – though we could say that of every way in which He is to be known. However, that one way is this: To rightly understand Christ is to see that He relates to a heavenly and eternal order of things.

That word ‘order’ lies right at the back of everything in the Bible. Everything that the Bible has to say to us is related to an eternal order that God intended to obtain in this universe. And His key to that order, without which nothing of all His glorious purpose is possible, is Christ. The Person of Christ is the very embodiment of all the principles of a universal order. If we could comprehend, discern, understand and know Christ, we should see that in that one universal Person are gathered up all the laws of a great heavenly order.

We are told that ‘in Him, through Him, by Him, and unto Him were all things created’. His creative activity at work is marked by a marvelous order, and we shall say more about this as we go on. Creation, as it comes from His hand, as it is projected by Him, is a marvelous system of coordinated forces and objects in a wonderful relatedness and harmony. Everything is in its own place, everything is in its own time and everything has its own function. And so you could go on, but, I repeat, we will come back to it.

His redemptive work, the whole of the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus has this one thing in mind: the recovery of a lost order. He stands in His Person, in His creative work, and in His redemptive work, related to this whole matter of an eternal, heavenly order.

God is a God of order. But there is a personal evil intelligence in this universe who is God’s arch-enemy and, as such, is the instigator of all disorder. He is called “the god of this world” (or age) and “the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience”. The hall-mark of all satanic rule and influence is disorder. That rule is rapidly moving to its fullness and final judgment.

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