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December 28

28 DEC – The Bondslave of the Lord

What is service? What is the meaning of being the servant of God? Can you put your finger upon it? Go to Mary again. What is the law? To bring God back into His world, and that is the only service of God. Service is comprehended in that one thing – making a place for God, bringing God back into His right place, seeing that He is not excluded from His world. The presence of God is the great law of everything in service. Mary brought God back into this world, so she was “highly graced”, supremely honoured. It was not just an angel or a little cherub that was sent to her, but the archangel Gabriel was sent from God to this woman Mary, because she was to be the vessel and the channel of bringing God back into this world. Is that not tremendous? Is Mary redeemed now? Has she got a new place? But it is not Mary herself. It is Mary as the bondservant of God. And it is not what we are in ourselves, but just a matter of how much of God is brought back to this world by our being here.

There is a link between that which happened in heaven with the Son of God when He emptied Himself, and Mary. Do not make any mistake! Mary had to make a great renunciation, for she knew what it meant to have a child without a husband. Is that not the deepest shame that a woman can know? Does that not mean that she has sacrificed all that is noble and honourable about womanhood? Supposing it became known that this child was born and Joseph was not the father! Who was the father, then? That is something for people to talk about! I am not sure that the people in wicked Nazareth had not already spread a rumour, because at one time some of the enemies of Jesus Christ threw this thing at Him, when they said: “We were not born in iniquity” (John 8:41). Is that not horrible, terrible? Ah, Mary knew what it meant! She knew that if this thing got out into the world she would be counted as one of the world’s most disgraceful people. Everyone would look down upon her. She was afraid, and, more than that, “greatly troubled”.

The angel Gabriel read what was going on in her soul and said: “Fear not, Mary.” Never in all history did a woman need that word more than Mary did that day! The angel Gabriel said: ‘Mary, you are a very specially favoured woman. God has favoured you more than other women.’ and she said – note! – “Behold, the bondslave of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.” I put a mighty emphasis upon that word ‘bondslave’! Did Mary empty herself of a woman’s glory? That is what it meant naturally. Did Mary humble herself to be obedient unto death? For, you know, a woman like that would have been stoned in Israel, and she knew it. Did she humble herself and become obedient unto death? Oh, yes, she did. She went down to the lowest place. But what is the word? “Bondslave of the Lord” – the servant of God.

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