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December 19

19 DEC – Our Divine Sonship

Let us be diligent that we too derive our strength from the living knowledge that we are, through our Lord Jesus Christ, sons of God. The very fact that He was the Son of God brought to Him a wonderful strength which made Him superior to all other men, in position as well as a person. It was a right kind of superiority, and marked by deepest humility. He could truly say of Himself: “I am meek and lowly in heart”. Yet there was a wonderful strength and dignity about Him. Despised of men, with no earthly estate, He could lift up His head like a king. The consciousness that He possessed – what no man had – was without any self-assertiveness. It saved Him from an ‘inferiority complex’ (which is never a sign of humility). He knew that He had a mission from above. He had a perfect right to stand up among men. He could meet them all, poor and rich, because He knew that God had sent Him. And men recognized that strength in Him. They were conscious of a dignity and a power which was about Him that compelled them to say of Him that He was speaking “as having authority and not as the scribes”. He had perfect confidence in what He said and the way He took. The explanation is found on the ground of who He was. “I am come down from heaven.” It was sonship which gave Him this strength — that wonderful relationship He had with His Father.

Now the spiritual value of that divine sonship is ours. This does not mean that there has to be any pride or conceit. We have to be like He was, meek among men, lowly in heart and unassuming. There has to be no self-assertiveness, yet we must have the strength of the Son of God. We ought never to have anything apologetic about our testimony. We are sons of God. John says: “Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us, that we should be called children of God”; and we are. It is the affirmation of a fact. “Now we are the children of God”. Let us stand upon that fact. What a strength would be ours if we truly recognized the position we have as sons before God through our Lord Jesus Christ! “The Father loves the Son.” That holds true for all the children of God. Sonship is based upon the Father’s special love. “The Father knows the Son.” We too are known of Him. The world knows us not. It may look at us as a very poor specimen, but it knew Him not. But the Father knows and loves His children. That is our strength.

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