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October 21

21 OCT – One Universal Spiritual Remedy

It is quite clear that every letter written by the Apostle Paul has some maladies as the occasion of it. That is to say there were things that were wrong in every place to which the letters were written, and that needed to be put right. The outstanding case is Corinth. The disorders and diseases there both individual and collective were many and great. While the Apostle referred to these specifically… and rebuked, reproved, exhorted, and warned concerning them… he knew quite well that they could never be cleared up as things in themselves. It was of no use to try to get a solution by discussion, debate, logic, personal persuasion, or threat. Very early in the first letter to them, his one all-covering Remedy is announced, or prescribed:

“I determined to know nothing among you save Jesus Christ… and Him crucified.”

In other words, Paul’s finally settled position was that a passion for Jesus Christ in terms of His Cross – that is in terms of love: the letting go of all personal interest, the yielding of all natural mindedness – will solve every problem and cure, every malady. Paul believed that if he could get those believers to become really captivated by a concern for Christ as the objective of an ever increasing devotion and self-surrender, all the evils and hurtful things would fade out. If something more than the initial and basic personal advantages of salvation were to fill the heart, so many of the unhappy conditions in individual and corporate Christian life would disappear. That is to say, if the Lordship of Christ were to be given its place and His fullness were to be the governing goal, life would be ever rising in ascendancy above the low level and be enlarging beyond the small and petty measure which is characteristic of so many.

Oh, for the ability to show how the Lordship of Christ in a life or in a church, and in all the churches, is the solution to every problem and difficulty! Will you ask the Lord to impress you firstly with this fact… and then to lead you into its reality. To this ministry, by His grace… and as helped by your prayers… we give ourselves until we with all saints “attain unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.”

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