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September 14

14 SEP – Do You Recognize God’s Right Upon Your Life in Reality?

All that which is redeemed by His Precious Blood is redeemed unto God. It is for the Lord. Do we hold everything unto the Lord? Hold our business unto the Lord? – hold our home unto the Lord? – hold all our money unto the Lord? – hold our children unto the Lord? – hold our friendships unto the Lord? – hold our bodies unto the Lord? – hold all our opportunities unto the Lord? Everything unto the Lord, and everything that we cannot hold unto the Lord let go! No longer a question, “Is there any harm in it?” – That is negative. There is nothing negative in this life, the question is, is it unto the Lord positively. That is the meaning of Calvary – “unto the Lord,” the whole burnt-offering unto the Lord. That is what it means to be in Christ. He is the whole burnt-offering. To be in Him is to be offered wholly unto God.

“Henceforth,” says the Word of the Spirit, “henceforth not unto ourselves but unto Him.” He secured it all. He secured the earth in His Own Person for the Lord. He settled the dispute as to who should be the Prince of this world, who should be the God of this world, who should hold sway of this world, who should sit upon the throne of this world? That is the dispute of the ages. He secured the world unto God in His Own Person.

Beloved, this world by right of Christ’s Victory belongs to God. Therein is our vocation found – to take it for God, to stand on it, put our feet down and say “we stand here for God.” He secured the world, “all authority has been given unto Me in heaven and in earth.” He secured man. Man, that disputed thing, made for the glory of God, but meddled with by Satan, so that even man gave his consent to Satan’s will and authority and right. But in His Own Divine Person as Man (oh the wonder of the incarnation), as Man, God and man joined in one Person. As Man, He secured man representatively for God, for “as by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead” – the God-Man. He secured man in that Cross as free, utterly free from the power of Satan. It is in that sense that God has secured man in Christ. He has secured the world, He has secured man; He has dealt with Satan and He has dealt with death, all in this Cross of Christ.

The issue now for the world is to recognize the rights of God, to recognize the rights of God as secured in Christ, to take sides, to acknowledge that. Now that sets up a testimony; that is the testimony of God in Christ, which becomes the testimony of Jesus.

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