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September 1

1 SEP – Is ‘Jehovah Shammah’ Written Upon Your Life?

There is a ‘judgment beginning at the house of God’ to which the Bible brings us in the first part of its final book. The climax of the sevenfold interrogation, examination and judgment of chapters 1-3 finds Christ outside of the door of a Christian church (Rev. 3:20). The verdict passed and the admonition given shows that the ultimate criterion is whether God is found within.

To put that in other words: It is not our orthodoxy, ‘soundness’ of doctrine, correctness of procedure, many ‘good works’, zeal, ‘success’, reputation, etc., that is the final criterion and justification (so say all of these messages), but whether the Lord is met within us and in our midst. The Lord never commits Himself to that which is not according to His mind. If He is truly present and can be sensed by open-hearted and pure-spirited seekers after Him, then that is the argument for things being, at least in measure, not contrary to but according to His heart. The Lord Himself is the ‘First and the Last’, the test of everything. The final question is: ‘Do I meet the Lord in that man or woman, in that company and place?’

Many other things are made the basis of judgment by so many, but this is God’s test “Jehovah-Shammah”“The Lord is there”. This does not mean that there is never any room for a larger measure of His presence. The measure will always be determined by suitability to that presence. ‘To fill all things’ is the determined end made known as God’s purpose.

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