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August 28

28 AUG – Do You Find You Cannot Pray?

You know, we have our “off” times spiritually – “off” times in the prayer life when it seems impossible to pray; “off” times in many other ways spiritually. No matter how we struggle, we can make nothing of it. What are we going to do? I have come to this position: through the Spirit, Christ is in me, and everything is with Him, not with me. It is not what I can do, nor what I cannot do, nor how I am today; all is with Him. Today, maybe, I am not conscious of His indwelling, but on the contrary, very conscious of other things that are not Christ. Well, that is my state; but He is faithful, He is true. He has given me certain assurances about never leaving nor forsaking me, about abiding through all the days to the end, and about perfecting unto the day of Christ a good work which He hath commenced. My one thing to do is to trust Him – trust Him, and if I cannot break through, to say: “Lord, I cannot pray just at the present; I must trust You to do all the praying.”

I find I have these “off” times, but as I definitely trust the Lord, and say: “Lord, this is Your responsibility, and I know this will not last; that prayer life will come back, and I am trusting You in the meanwhile.” It does come back, and in greater fullness and greater blessedness.

Beloved I have proved that again and again. It comes back. It is not merely that you get better and start again. You know quite well that you may be perfectly fit and yet be unable to pray. No one can make prayer. It is not a matter of health and strength to be able to pray. You may be a perfectly strong man or woman, but you cannot get through to heaven in prayer because you are that.

Prayer has to do with an opened heaven – prayer is fellowship with the Lord; and that is His doing, not ours. He brings that. Trust Him. “I live; and yet no longer I, but Christ liveth in me”; He has the whole matter in hand. While my attitude is one of faith in Him, He will see that there is a prayer life; He will see that there is a life in the Word. Positive faith in Him is the secret of everything in the will of God.

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