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August 7

7 AUG – Do You Yearn for Spiritual Growth?

Do you have a tremendous concern for reproduction and increase? That is the secret of spiritual full-growth, a real and mighty and triumphant concern for increase and reproduction. Whether it be the Church as a whole or a local company or an individual believer, spiritual growth, enlargement, ‘greatness’ will depend upon a deep concern for reproduction. It used to be said, and it is still said in some circles, that a non-missionary church is a dead church, it never grows; and there is much truth in that. Where there is no concern for reproduction, for the salvation of souls, for the expansion of the church, there is no growth. The kind of spirit that does the plowing, the sowing, the hard work, the grind; that endures, that exercises patience and courage against adversity and disappointment, and persists because it believes that this thing can be and should be, because the Lord of resurrection dictates it; that kind of spirit is going to lead to much enlargement, spiritually, of the individual, the local church, and the whole Church. So Isaac is not only the embodiment, but the expression of the power of resurrection, and that is shown by this great concern for increase.

Are you concerned for spiritual increase, or are you just sitting passively, indifferently, a passenger, a parasite, drawing everything to yourself and giving nothing? This thing must be a hundredfold; nothing less than that can really mark the full blessing of God – a hundredfold in me and in others. Oh, how that would correct a great deal of our attitude toward others. Our attitude is far too often one that would limit other people’s spiritual life. We criticize, we talk about them, we point out their faults; what is going on? How do we use our tongues about the Lord’s people and His servants? What is going on in our homes in that matter? If it really did touch those people of God directly, would it be to their enlargement, or be to their undoing or their limitation? What is our attitude? Are we true Isaacs in this, that we are concerned for their growth, for their increase, and are not going to do anything, by lip or hand or any other way, that would hinder the spiritual growth of other people, whether individuals or the Church?

It is a very pertinent thing, this. You may take it as a settled thing that if you are using your tongue detrimentally toward the people of God, you are cutting across your own spiritual growth; you are dwarfing your own spiritual stature. These people are little people, contemptible people; they are of small spiritual stature. Oh, may we grow up! And we shall grow up as we have a heart enlarged for spiritual increase.

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