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April 15

15 APR – The Holy Spirit’s Exactness

If the Holy Spirit is jealous for the main object, He is shown to be equally jealous for the detailed features. This can be seen in various connections.

If the creation and man were intended for the presence of God, they had to be a meticulous expression of God’s mind. God was Himself the Architect. God was Himself working scrupulously to a Pattern. (The whole Bible shows that Pattern to be His Son.) The Holy Spirit became the Custodian and energy of that Pattern. Nothing was haphazard, left to chance, or left to man or angels to conceive or design.

Another great and forceful example of the principle was the Tabernacle of Testimony. Here, again, nothing in design – even to a pin or a stitch, a measurement, a material, a position – was left to man. It was all to be according to “the pattern shewn”. The Holy Spirit took charge of the artisans, and only when ‘all things were according to the pattern’ did God presence Himself. The slightest deflection would have meant that it was only an empty shell without God.

The same is to be noted in the Temple of Solomon and the Temple of Ezekiel’s vision.

When it comes to the consummate presentation of that which (Him who) is typified in the Old Testament, the Incarnate Son of God, “Emmanuel, God with us” , again the Spirit of God takes over and governs all the details of His conception, birth, life, history, works, death, resurrection, etc. See the place of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus. God’s Son will Himself declare that “the Son can do nothing of [out from] himself, but… the Father” (John 5:19).

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