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August 8

8 AUG – Do You Think You Are Meek and Humble?

“Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men that were upon the face of the earth.” Numbers 12:3

What a verdict! “ABOVE all men”; head and shoulders above all other men! And how was he head and shoulders above all other men? It says it was in meekness, a tremendous summing up of a man’s life! You could say about Moses that he was great in many respects, very great, but the Bible does not make a lot of his greatness in other respects. The Bible passes its verdict upon him that he was the meekest man upon the earth. See God’s estimate of greatness, what God calls greatness: meekness. We need not stay with it.

What is it? Well, meekness is what he thought of himself; it is what a man is in himself and toward himself. When Moses was alone and when Moses had any thought about himself at all, those thoughts about himself were very poor. He never, when thinking about himself, recognized that there was any reason why he should assert himself, that there was any ground on which he could stand up for his rights or could be something; any reason why they ought to take account of what he was in his own inner life. There was none of that – it was the other way. His thoughts about himself were very small thoughts, and he was only in his position because he had great thoughts of God and little thoughts about himself. That is all we need say. That is Meekness. It works, of course, in many ways, it comes out in many ways; but that is the heart of the matter, what we are in our own eyes about ourselves, and therefore how we behave.

Moses was not always meek, as we know from his early life in Egypt; but, under the hand of God, his weakest point became his strongest.

Now look at the Lord Jesus. There did come a Man on the earth greater than Moses, and His greatness was superior greatness even to that of Moses. He was on the same ground. “I am meek and lowly in heart”, He said; “learn of Me” (Matt. 11:29). That is the way to grow. Pride is one of the most ruinous things in the realm of spiritual growth.

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