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August 2

2 AUG – The Stone at the Door

“They were saying: Who shall roll us away the stone from the door of the tomb? …for it was exceeding great.” Mark 16:3-6

In the first place, the stone symbolized the imminence of another world than this one. That young man in his white robe speaks of the intervention of another world. There is another world entirely, in close touch with this one, and mightier than it, acting in relation to the purposes of God centered in His Son, and which can never, on any account, be swallowed up in a tomb.

Further, that stone became the symbol of the mighty, triumphant power of life over death. We look for things to happen, and yet all the time the power of His risen life is silently working and solving so many problems. The fact is that we are going on today after many an experience of trial and helplessness; we have quietly been kept going on, and we are going on; we are not yet submerged and overwhelmed and put out. That is the miracle of His Divine life silently solving the problem, dealing with so many things that seem to say, Death; an end!

The power of His resurrection is the answer to many of our problems. We look for acts; He proceeds along the silent course of life, the mighty power of life overcoming death. “It was not possible” says the Word, “that he should be holden of it (death)” (Acts 2:24). They were saying, ‘It is impossible for us to deal with this stone, this situation!’ He was saying, ‘It is not possible for death to hold Me’. There are two ways of viewing the impossible. Everything depends upon where you put the impossibility – on the thing or on God. The things which are not possible with men are possible with God (Matt. 19:26). And He answers these impossible things in the normal way for it is the normal way. The abnormal would be by signs and wonders and extraordinary happenings – demonstrations to our senses – but the normal way in the Christian life is the way of the continuous transcendence of His life over the working of death. That is the miracle of Divine life working silently. Yours, then, is a life as is the life of everyone set in the presence of the great stone of death, spiritual death. We know it, and yet we are preserved alive spiritually and we go on. That is the great miracle. It is the miracle of every day. That is the testimony that God raised Him from the dead.

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